Old Airport Road Food Centre

Hello Everyone, recently Baby and I were on the hunt for awesome local Singaporean food and because we wanted to try other places beside the usual Chomp Chomp at Serangoon Gardens, we decided to go to the Old Airport Road Food Centre!

The journey to Old Airport Road Food Centre by car was a pretty tricky one. In fact, I mistaken Airport Road as the Old Airport Road and thus took a little longer than usual to get there. If you are travelling by public transport, the most easiest way to get there would be to take the Circle Line Train and alight at Dakota Station, which is a 10 mins walk from there.

Well, when we arrived at Old Airport Road Food Centre, it was bustling with many people and we even saw some people carrying bags of Lao Ban Tau Huay! Thankfully, we managed to get a seat and we were totally spoilt for choices as there were so many sumptuous food to choose from.

Here are what we ordered:


From Old Airport Road 2012

The Rojak was fantastic because the dark shrimp sauce wasn't excessively added. In fact, we felt that the taste was gentle on our palates and the Rojak was tantalising and sweet.


From Old Airport Road 2012

The Popiah wasn't that good as compared to the ones we had at Serangoon Garden's Chomp Chomp. The fillings were cold and were not flavourful.

Oyster Egg Omelette

From Old Airport Road 2012

The Oyster Egg Omelette was superb. Great in taste and the oysters were extremely fresh. Personally, I felt that it was quite starchy.

Black Carrot Cake

From Old Airport Road 2012

The Black Carrot Cake was pretty much average. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Chicken Satay

From Old Airport Road 2012
From Old Airport Road 2012

We must say, the Chicken Satay was quite different from the ones we had elsewhere. It was extremely tender and sweet in taste. The store that we ordered this Satay from even sells Black Pepper Satay. It's a pity we didn't try the Black Pepper Satay as we were so full.

Lao Ban Tau Huay

From Old Airport Road 2012

Seeing everyone with bags of Lao Ban Tau Huay, we were tempted to try how it tasted like. So, when I finally found the Lao Ban Tau Huay store, long queues of people were already forming from one end to another end. I waited for almost 15 minutes before placing my order. Well, to be honest, when we tried the Lao Ban Tau Huay, we didn't quite like the taste. I guess its probably subjective to each and every individual's taste buds because we have heard many friends commenting about how good Lao Ban Tau Huay was. For us, we still prefer our traditional bean curd at Selegie! =)

In Summary:

Old Airport Road Food Centre offers a wide variety of local Singaporean food to choose from and it would be a food haven for all the food lovers out there. This would not be our last time there and we will definitely be back to visit again to try the other tempting foods that we have yet to set our tongues on. If you're from outside of Singapore and you're planning to visit anytime soon, do check out the Old Airport Road Food Centre. At this juncture, we want to advise those whom are visiting the Old Airport Road Food Centre to dress as comfortably as you can so that you won't feel uncomfortable in the humid atmosphere.

Stay tuned for more updates from us!

God Bless!