About melvin lee


I am the the Founder of A Winsome Life and I have more than 10 years of combined experience as an Educator, Editor, and Entrepreneur. I never for once stop learning because life never stops teaching.





As An Educator/Facilitator/Coach...

I have facilitated and coached more than 1500 children, youth, and adults from various schools and organisations. As a former MOE Educator and a certified Adult Educator, I am very familiar with the teaching & learning needs of both the young and old. 

Primary School Subjects: English, Science

Secondary School Subjects: English, Science (Lower Secondary), Social Studies, History, Food & Nutrition

Adult Training: Digital Marketing, Customer Service, Career Guidance

Life Skills: Beginner's Guitar, Baking & Culinary, Leadership, Kayaking



As An Editor...

I have collaborated and worked with many well-known brands such as Renault, Volvo, Lazada, and etc. to produce lifestyle content on many different lifestyle topics such as automobile, food, travel, entertainment, and technology. With low barriers to the digital marketplace, it is more crucial than ever for companies to maintain an online presence and be found by their clients.

My Area Of Expertise:

  • On-Page and Off-Page Optimisation
  • Optimising Search for Local & International Audiences
  • Aligning SEO with Overall Business Strategies
  • Conducing a Full Website Audit
  • Developing Content
  • Making Recommendations to Improve Optimisation




As An Entrepreneur...

I currently run an errands-running (personal concierge) and home tuition business. From time to time, I am available for freelance adhoc projects and I can come onboard as a:

  • Trainer (Leadership, Motivation, Team Building)
  • Tutor (English, Science, Social Studies, History)
  • Coach (Career Guidance, Goal-Setting, Habitudes, Study Skills)
  • Instructor (MOE Adventure Facilities, Social Etiquette, Hospitality)


Melvin's passionate about

  • Animal Wildlife Protection
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Education for Children, Youth, and Adults


Ready to collaborate with me? 

Drop me an email at melvinlee@awinsomelife.org